Our Story


Pimpernel & Plum is a Canadian company.

Our story began in 2016 with sister team, Tiffany and Tara. While living across the country from one another, both in small towns, one big idea was created: beautiful boxes which could be given as gifts to help new parents.

Both sisters are new moms and know that the job is hard. New moms (and dads) need some help and pampering to make it through the difficult post-partum period. Thus, Pimpernel & Plum strives to create boxes that are beautiful, but also filled with items that are useful and functional. Where possible, Pimpernel & Plum uses made in Canada products and local artisans as our makers and suppliers.

Tara is a mom of two children under the age of 3 and lives in Ontario. Tiffany is a mom of a one year old boy in British Columbia.